September 2010

Red Friday - 'Million Women Rise' talk

Fri 10 Sept 8pm: RED FRIDAY ’Million Women Rise.’ Million Women Rise is a women’s coalition which has come together to organise an annual national demonstration against male violence, coinciding wit... read more..

KEEP SOCIALISM DRY! September 2010

The club now has a new waterproof roof on the extension at the rear of the building, where rain and damp has been a constant problem. We’ve also had to have one of the walls re-pointed. In total it’... read more..

Club Newsletter Sep-Dec 2010

CHEFS WANTEDEnjoy Saturday lunches at the club? Could you help cook them about once every six weeks? If so, let us know. And help spread the load. EVENT DIARY Fri 3 Sept: CLUB NIGHT bar open from 8p... read more..