Overview of the Club's History

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The pre-World War I period saw an explosion of socialist activism throughout the country and KeirHardyKeir HardyBolton's Socialist Party was involved, particularly in organising & publicising very popular large public meetings. 

The biggest halls in town were hired for public meetings - the Temperance Hall BenTillettBen Tillett(which held 2,000 people), the Hippodrome Theatre, the Cooperative Hall and the Theatre Royal.

Thousands of song sheets were printed, the Clarion choir performed, 'Red Flag Toffee' and 'Marseillaise Cocoa' were sold, and huge posters were put up around town to advertise celebrity speakers like Keir Hardie, Victor Grayson, Ben Tillett and James Connolly.

JamesConnellyJames ConnellyFrom a meeting addressed by Tom Mann in 1912 the Club managed to make a profit of 11 Pounds 3 Shillings and 11 Pence from tickets sold at 3d and 6d each.