Overview of the Club's History

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sodifferentIn the summer of 1982 the Club stood empty, awaiting sale.

But in a dusty corner of the attic, abandoned and unnoticed for decades, a large pile of minute books was discovered.

On the cover of the first was written 'Social Democratic Federation 1896'. The long forgotten history of the Bolton Socialist Club was about to re-emerge.

As the story unfolded, It captured the imagination of the members who read it and inspired them try and stop the sale of the building.

Talks were arranged, the local press printed a series of articles, and gradually socialists and labour movement activists in the town began to realise what they were about to lose.

However, legal difficulties arose. it was discovered that Bolton Socialist Hall Ltd owned the building and its committee had not met for ten years and not one single shareholder could be found.

Though there was opitimism it took a year to find a way forward.