Enjoy Saturday lunches at the club? Could you help cook them about once every six weeks? If so, let us know. And help spread the load.


Fri 3 Sept: CLUB NIGHT bar open from 8pm

Fri 10 Sept: RED FRIDAY ’Million Women Rise.’ Million Women Rise is a women’s coalition which has come together to organise an annual national demonstration against male violence, coinciding with International Women's Day in March each year. Speaker Louise Bond. 8pm

Fri 17 Sept : RED CINEMA 'Pierrepoint' (2005) The story of Britain’s most prolific hangman between 1934-56. Superb performance by Timothy Spall. 7.45pm

Fri 24 Sept: MUSIC NIGHT Chill out with Steve and Dave. From 8pm.

Fri 1 Oct: POETRY PLEASE A new venture. Bring along a poem (or poems) you really rate, read it out and say what it means to you. 8pm

Fri 8 Oct: RED FRIDAY ’Unity Theatre’. Fred Parr, frequent visitor to the club, speaks about his memories of the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. Followed by a short film about this very influential theatre movement.

8pm Fri 15 Oct: RED CINEMA 'The White Ribbon' ( 2009). A fascinating film about a strange mystery in a German town during the years leading up to the first world war. 7.45pm

Fri 22 Oct: CLUB NIGHT bar open from 8pm

Sat 23 Oct - Stop The War Funda Raiser 8pm

Fri 29 Oct: QUIZ NIGHT: The first was a resounding success. Come and enjoy the second with quizmaster Dave. 8pm

Fri 5 Nov: MUSIC NIGHT Chill out with Steve and Dave. From 8pm

Fri 12 Nov: RED FRIDAY ’The Labour Party.’ Is it changing? Should we be joining? What’s it like on the inside? Kath Fry, club member and former Manchester LP councillor leads the discussion. 8pm

Fri 19 Nov: RED CINEMA 'Capitalism; A Love Story' (2009) Michael Moore’s documentary explores the impact of corporate dominance on people’s everyday lives. 7.45pm

Fri 26 Nov: RED FRIDAY ‘Proportional Representation’. John Perry outlines the various kinds, how they work, and whether they’d be an improvement on what we have now. A pertinent and urgent discussion. 8pm

Fri 3 Dec CLUB NIGHT bar open from 8pm

Fri 10 Dec RED FRIDAY ’Is council housing worth saving?’ Gordon Benson looks at some radical alternatives. 8pm

Fri 17 Dec Christmas Party - From 8pm All members invited.

People's History and Clarion Choir - see Club notice board for details