Kath Fry RIP

Very sadly, Kath Fry died earlier this month. She found out only a few months ago that she had lung cancer, and the end came very quickly. Kath was a club member and a member of the Clarion Choir.

A socialist and feminist, she was a founder member of the Bolton Women’s Liberation Group in the 1970’s. For many years she was a Councillor on Manchester City Council and served as Chair of Education.

Only last autumn she was planning to give a talk at the club on the relationship between socialists and the Labour Party. She was also writing a book on the history of the Labour Party in Manchester which happily she managed to finish before she died and which will be published in the near future.
The Clarion Choir are due to sing at her funeral and our sympathy and our condolences go to her family and close friends.

The last few months have been extremely busy in terms of finding a new tenant and getting them installed in the building. As a result, other things have slipped somewhat—included the publication of a newsletter and planning our usual programme of events. Until things settle down a little, we’re organising events on the hoof and trying to keep people informed by email and the club's noticeboard.

As most of you already know, after losing our previous tenants and owing several thousands in loans for the repair of the roof last year, the club was facing something of a financial crisis.
I’m pleased to report that due to the incredible support and generosity of members, the crisis has now been averted. Many of you made donations or took out standing orders and it’s very heartening to realise how important the club is to very many of you. So a big thank you to one and all.

And there is even more good news. The club has a new tenant. Homestart is a charity which works with families with young children. Their work very much fits in with the ethos of the club and we are happy to welcome them into the building. They will be moving in at the beginning of June, and will rent the top two floors on the same basis and for the same annual rent as did Near Us.

If you’ve been in the club recently you will have noticed a lot of work taking place— refurbishment and  decoration. Much of this is being paid for by Homestart. New carpets on the top floor, improvements to the upstairs toilets, a stair lift to the first floor. These are just some of the very welcome improvements to the building.

I feel we’ve not only turn round a difficult situation but have come out stronger as a result. So thank you to all who have helped make this happen.
In solidarity
Neil Duffield, Chairperson

CLARION CHOIR Saturdays 2- 4 pm
Moira invites any club member or friend who is interested in singing good Socialist songs to come along and join in.
On the following dates: 4 June, 18 June, 2 July, 16 July