One march will set off from Bolton Socialist Club - more details below.

A march 2014 is the 195th anniversary of Peterloo. To commemorate the event marchers are setting off from various parts of Greater Manchester to rally in the city centre on August 17th.  It's all part of a campaigning building to the 200th anniversary in 2019, when marches will descend on Manchester for a mass rally and, hopefully the unveiling of a permanent memorial near St Peter's Square. The organisers are keen for a March to start at Eccles this year, to establish it as a starting point. Would anyone like to co-ordinate this, or know someone who would? If so please get in touch.Chris Chilton

Bolton-Manchester 17th August 2014

8.00 am
Leave from Bolton Socialist Club Wood Street. Head towards Kearsley via Bradshawgate and Manchester Road (B6536), Bolton Road at Moses Gate, along Market Street and through the underpass to pick up the A666 Bolton road.
9.15 am ( 3.6 miles)
Moss Rose pub at Kearsley. Head along A666 to Swinton to junction with A6044 (3 miles)
10.20 am (7.1 miles)
Henry Boddinton pub at Swinton. Continue along A666 to merge with A6 at Broad St.
11.20 (9.7 miles)
Salford Crescent Station. Continue along A6 through Salford, possible pausing at the Working Class History Library and the Peoples History Museum,
12.00 - 12.30pm (11.4 miles) Arrive St Peter’s Square, Manchester.

Join at any of the stopping points indicated in bold. You can let Chris know in advance if you intend to join us by texting 0785 646 6060, or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Peterloo Massacre Memorial Campaign
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