10.00 am meet at the club, agree actions and distribute leaflets.

Move on to Sainsbury's  Sainsbury's - hand out 'For Justice and Ethical Trade' leaflet to customers, explain our action and ask customers to sign the petition.
Sometime later - Move on to Barclay's, town centre and distribute  Barclay’s leaflet 
3.00 pm - Victoria Square - Gaza Rally
There will be leaflets prepared for Sainsburys and Barclays. Naturally  some people will only be able to join in for a limited amount of time.  If you can do any part of the leafletting, and haven't already done so,  can you please let me know when this will be. To date there are 10 of  us. If you are coming for the Sainsbury's bit can you please print off  at least 10 copies of the petition form that can be found at  www.sainsburyscampaign.org. If this is a problem we'll have spare ones.  If you can only join us later then please phone me (07518 842 194) to  check our whereabouts 
Thanks a lot  Graham