We've made a couple of alterations to the June calendar: On Thursday  June 25th we will be hosting a Quiz Night for Unison which will be a fundraiser for Damien and Jenny Markey. Since many of our members will want to attend this we decided to postpone Joe Whittaker's talk on disbility rights until autumn. Two consecutive nights, followed by our Love Music Hate Racism concert with Ewan McClennan on June 27th was asking little too muc we felt. Joe, is involved in the Damien and Jenny campaign is fine with this arrangement.

July will see a tapering off of our Friday events as we move into the summer break. There will be a Music Night as usual on Friday 3rd then a break until August, when we commemorate Peterloo on Saturday 15th August,with Claire Mooney and Dave Pullar, followed followed by the walk into Manchester on Sunday 23rd. Then on Saturday August 22nd we host the Wigan Diggers Festival Bolton curtain raiser. I'll post more details about these events as they approach.