Club members will know all too well how much it costs to keep an old building like ours well maintained and in reasonable condition. And it’s largely due to the generosity of members that we’ve managed to do this over the last thirty years.

The latest project is the pointing and rebuilding of the top section of the back wall of the extension which is currently in a poor condition and bowing inwards. The total cost will be in the region of £4,500.


The Amiel and Melburn Trust was brought to our attention by the late Kath Fry, and we decided to apply to them for a grant to cover part of the cost. We applied for £3000 and were delighted to be informed they had awarded us £1500, with an apology that it would have been more but the demand on their funds is currently outstripping their resources.

The Trust was founded in 1980 by Norman Melburn and named for his friend and fellow Marxist, the lawyer Barry Amiel. Both men are now commemorated in the name of the Trust, following Norman Melburn's death in 1991.

The general objectives of the Trust are to advance public education, learning and knowledge in all aspects of the philosophy of Marxism, the history of socialism, and the working-class movement.

We are extremely grateful to them for the award which will help significantly and, at the time of writing, work on the wall will begin very soon.

We also owe a debt of thanks to Stuart Murray, who spent many hours putting together the application, and to Ian McHugh who assisted him.