Fri 7 Sept PEOPLE’S HISTORY. The life and work of Bolton socialist and author Allen Clarke—a presentation by his grand-daughter Shirley Matthews.

Fri 14 Sept QUIZ NIGHT led by quiz-master Phil McNally

Fri 21 Sept RED FRIDAY. Sophie Scholl: The real story of the woman who defied Hitler— illustrated talk by author, Frank McDonough

Fri 28 Sept RED CINEMA. The echo of pain of the many (2012). A journey in search of the
voice of the 45,000 citizens who ‘disappeared’ in Guatemala's long and brutal war against its
own people. The film’s director, Anna Lucia Cuevas, and its producer, Fred Coker, will be attending.

Fri 5 Oct MUSIC NIGHT with Steve and friends.

Fri 12 Oct RED FRIDAY The Olympics and Paralympics as seen through the eyes of volunteers
Stuart Murray and Sylvan Davies.

Fri 19 Oct RED CINEMA Russian Ark (2002) Russian epic film with 2000 actors and 3 orchestras,
shot entirely in the Winter Palace, now the State Hermitage Museum, depicting 300 years
of Russian art and history

Fri 26 Oct RED FRIDAY On the eve of the US Presidential elections, Chris Chilton assesses
Barack Obama’s record in office.

Fri 2 Nov MUSIC NIGHT with Steve and friends

Fri 9 Nov THE WASHING LINE OF HISTORY To celebrate our 125th anniversary, bring
along your memories of the club, thoughts, anecdotes, suggestions for the future, etc, speak
on them for 5 minutes and peg them on the washing line.

Fri 16 Nov RED CINEMA The Angel’s Share (2012) Ken Loach’s Scottish comedy drama.
Jury-prize winner at Cannes. Featuring real life Glasgow bin man, Gary Maitland.

Fri 23 Nov To be announced.

Fri 30 Nov RED FRIDAY Liverpool Friends of Palestine have been twinned with Bil’in, a West
Bank village in Palestine for the last four years. They are currently engaged in a photographic
project involving children from two schools in Liverpool and two in Bil’in taking and sharing images of their lives. Hear more about it and see some of the photos.

Fri 7 Dec MUSIC NIGHT with Steve and friends

Fri 14 Dec Club closed

Sat 15 Dec CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY. All members and their guests welcome.

Fri 22 & Fri 29 Dec Club closed

Clarion Choir
Moira invites anyone interested in singing good socialist songs to come along from 2-4pm on the following
1 Sept
8 Sept. Diggers Festival in Wigan from 11am
15 Sept. Meet in club for an hour then busk in Town Centre
6 Oct
20 Oct. Meet in club then busk
3 Nov
18 Nov. Meet in Club then busk
1 Dec
15 Dec. Meet in club to rehearse for singing at Club Party in the evening