A Talk and Discussion led by Professor Ellen Gruenbaum of Purue University, USA Ellen Gruenbaum is one of the world’s leading experts on Female Genital Cutting and is closely involved with activists in Sudan who are developing strategies to abolish it – in practice not just in legislation.
Ellen is Professor of Anthropology at Purdue University in Indiana, USA. Her work since the 1970s has focused on women’s health and especially the cultural practice known as FGM/C or female circumcision. She has consulted for UNICEF and returns to Sudan as frequently as possible to monitor and deepen her understanding of the process of change. She spent a month in Sudan earlier this year. She is the author of The Female Circumcision Controversy (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001) and is currently writing another book, “Generation of Change”, about the process of abandonment of FGM/C.