Dr Gabrielle Lorenz presents a pioneering approach to the mental health of children whose parents are affected by mental illness. 'Kidstime' is a monthly workshop which takes place on the Wirral for whole families where the parents have mental health disorders. By using multi-family group work, drama, video (and pizza!) the workshops support the whole family and increase the children's resilience to mental health difficulties. Gabrielle will explain the project, illustrate it using brief films and consider how the current crisis in child mental health services and dysfunctional market style commissioning has impacted on this project.

Helpful links:
A booklet about the project is available at: http://cwpcamhscentre.mymind.org.uk/?p=9103
Kidstime Wirral | MyMind Centre cwpcamhscentre.mymind.org.uk
Kidstime is a national project and can be learnt about here: http://kidstimefoundation.org/ 

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