Lockdown Exit Strategy – Possible Futures

The Coved-19 response under the Tory government has been characterised by utter incompetence, shambolic organisation and a lack of transparency. The result is the worst fatality rate in Europe and possibly the world. Yet somehow we have to move forward. Lockdown isn’t good for anybody in the long term; physiologically, psychologically or economically. Yet for millions of people a lack of faith in the government to deliver a long term of any description has left them with no clear alternative but to sustain the status quo. There is no end in sight yet for the pandemic, but lockdown can’t go on forever.
So, given the limitations of this government, how do we move forward out of lockdown?

  • What will the future look like in the short, medium and long term?
  • What viable strategies might work?
  • What strategies are likely to pose unacceptable risks?
  • What are the implications for personal liberty as the lockdown continues?

 Participants will asked to consider what POSITIVE steps forward might be taken by individuals and groups to improve all our lives in the age of pandemic.
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