Stop the War Coalition - Facebook event


US-China relations have deteriorated alarmingly during the COVID crisis. Trump’s racialised America First agenda is now heading straight towards a confrontation with China. This development poses the most serious threat to world peace, blocking the way for humanity to deal successfully with the crucial common issues we are facing – the pandemic, world economic recession, the battle against world poverty and inequality, and above all, climate change.


With the US now applying huge pressure to divide the world in a New Cold War, the UK government has been amongst the first to succumb. Militarist right-wing nationalists in the Tory Party are starting to gain the upper hand, pushing for Britain to join US provocations in the South China Sea, increasing the prospects of a ‘hot’ conflict.

With opposition to these dangerous developments from other political parties in the UK non-existent, now more than ever the grass roots anti-war movement must mobilise against confrontation, militarism and war, and demand instead a foreign policy of peace centred on the common issues which unite humanity, not on putting American interests first.

No to a New Cold War against China, no to militarisation, no to a foreign policy of major power confrontation.