Because of Covid restrictions, the Bolton Socialist Club Annual General Meeting will take place as a ZOOM meeting.contact Chris for details

Minutes of 2020 AGm (below)

Bolton Socialist Club Annual General Meeting 25th February 2020
In Chris’s absence, George took the chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting
Members Present:  Liz, John, George, Dave, Charles, Trudy, Wendy, Martin, Rosie, Joan, Andrew Mc, Sylvan, Chris S, Lola, Julia, Eileen, Neil D, Kev
Apologies:  Chris, Harry, Steve, John Grayson, Graham, Jeff, Mike, Neil Mc
Minutes of Last Annual General Meeting and Matter’s Arising: There were no matters arising and the minutes were agreed as a true and correct record
Chair’s Report:  George presented the annual report on behalf of Chris.  He described the general election as the most significant event since the last AGM.  This has been a disastrous outcome for the left and the working class.  It’s been dispiriting, especially given the time and energy many members gave to the campaign.  But the Club is still here to help people pick themselves up and get ready for whatever comes next. It’s in times like these that the Club’s importance becomes obvious as it sets out to fulfil its remit of providing a safe place for like-minded progressive people to socialise, network, educate and be educated, and to organise.  It’s customary at the AGM to look back over the year to see how well we’ve measured up to our remit.  Chris’s report outlined the events and cultural contributions that have taken place over the past year. 
Red Friday’s have included:
Bolton’s Basque Children, speaker, Simon Martinez
Better Buses for Manchester – Pascal Robinson
Global Stewardship – Richard Shirres
History of Modern Whitman Walks – Stuart Murray
Grenfell, 2 Years on (plus vigil) Grenfell Residents Speaker
Kasmir – Wajid Khan
The Story of BAR – Ian McHugh
Crisis, What Crisis? – Chris Chilton
Secret History of Trees – Stuart Murray
Red Cinema has shown: 
Faces Places
No Pasaran
A Fantastic Woman
The Eagle Huntress
Whitman Alabama
The Greatest Showman
If Beale Could Talk
The Golden Dream
Wild Rose
Desert Island Discs has featured:
Bob Kettle
Jim Woodland
Julie Hesmondhalgh
Tony Kinsella
Chris Chilton
Martin Purdy
Love Music Hate Racism and the Club have presented
Harp and a Monkey
Robb Johnson
Alun Perry
Claire Mooney
Leon Rosselson
Stephen Taverner
Other music events have included:
Peterloo Night, with the Quiet Loner and Tracey Browne
New Order’s classic album Unknown  Pleasures Tribute –Tony Kinsella
We shall overcome benefit – Jeff and Co.
Wigan Diggers, Bolton Bash – Jeff and Co.
Live Drama has seen performances of:
Spirits Whose Work is Done – Chris Chilton
Adhesion of Love – Stephen Hornby
Red Shed Players Peterloo themed play
Just an Ordinary Lawyer – Tao Aluko
All Hands on Deck – Makron Theatre
Spoken Word events have included:
Our regular monthly event of Write Out Loud
I Sing the Body Electric – Whitman Legacy Night
George Wallace in Performance
Stop the War Benefit with Peter Stevenson
Pauli FC – Tony Kinsella
Other Events:
The Whitman writer’s workshop with Kirsten Harris
Wood St Writers Whitman Anthology launch
Calais Children film and discussion
Quiz Nights
International Women’s Day with Julie Lamara
Mother, Sister, Daughter, film about Myanmar women with guest speaker, Sirajul
The Whitman 200 Walk
The Peterloo 200 walk
Palestinian teacher’s visit
Terraced Garden Walk and Talk with Graham Gough and Julie Bramwell
The Commemoration of Denis’s bench at Roughlee
Saturday lunches have remained popular thanks to great work from Bernie, who also prepared a fantastic Christmas lunch. The cycle of mid week meetings continues with the Trades Council, UNITE, Green Party, SWP, Bolton Against the Bedroom Tax, Momentum and Stand Up to Racism. Our tenant Home Start has resumed payment of full rent following several years of subsidy and during a time of reduced funding.  Given the rising costs of insurance and utilities we may need to review our position with an increase in order to cover our own costs.  In terms of the building, there has been a lot of repair work done over the year, especially in regard to plumbing.  Tony W has kept the windows clean, installed a cigarette waste unit and tidied the back yard – a big thanks to Tony.  An archive has been established in the cellar.  An environmental audit has been carried out which has identified areas of the building where heat loss is most prevalent.  Kev is meeting with environmental engineers to develop a plan to prioritise the work needed to reduce our carbon foot print. Refurbishment priorities for the coming year are: further plumbing repairs, a new ginnell door and decoration of the front upstairs room.  It is worth recalling that the Red and Green Club in Huddersfield sadly closed last year.  This is a reminder, if we needed it, of the difficulty in keeping our socialist heritage alive.  Sometime we might feel that this Club is taken for granted, but we know how important it is for the political, social and cultural well-being of Bolton, which would be immeasurably poorer without it.  All the great things that happen at Wood St only happen because of the hard work of the committee and the volunteers.  For people not closely involved it’s very easy to overlook the work that goes into keeping the club, not just afloat, but vibrant and relevant.  So a big thank you goes to everyone who contributes to keeping Bolton Socialist Club going, especially to Liz for looking after the bookings, open up for meetings and a million other things, to George for keeping the bar stocked and organising Club merchandise, to Trudy for looking after the membership and subs, to Sylvan and John for doing such a great job with the finances, to Julia for LMHR, Desert Island Discs and Palestine, George and Dave for organising film nights and Neil for his work with Gaza and the Women’s Education fund.  George added a big thank you to Chris for all his excellent and dedicated work as Chair. The meeting unanimously agreed
Treasurer’s Report: Sylvan distributed the accounts and explained that over the year, total income had exceeded expenditure. Refurbishment, Insurance and Utilities costs are increasing, but we have still retained a healthy balance of £16,000.  Our most important sources of income are members’ standing orders, rental from Home Start and bar sales. We need between £7 and £8 thousand pounds a year to keep the building open.  We are fortunate that Wendy has contributed a large sum for the upstairs decorating.  Sylvan thanked John for his day-to-day help with the accounts and bar sheets.  The Gaza funding has been down this year as we have not had any major fund raising events.  So far Neil has paid £400 to Sheffield and there are further plans for raising money this year.  The meeting expressed thanks to Sylvan and John for all their work as treasurer and assistant treasurer. Sylvan concluded with a thank you to the Club auditors, Chris and Sandra
Secretary’s Report:  Liz described the Club as an important resource and a bolt hole following the devastating election result.  It is a place where we can plan our offensive.  But more than that it is a safe place where we can be with our comrades, Denis called it fellowship and I am proud of what it represents and the movement that we are part of.  There are some amazing people who belong to this Club, members who fight tooth and nail to bring about positive change and equality.  Liz concluded with an appeal for more help with the running of the Club, in particular work behind the bar to support the brilliant events. 
Unfortunately we have been the victims of a break in this week, however there does not appear to be anything missing and the damage is minimal. 
Membership Secretary’s Report:  Trudy reported a healthy picture with a total of £1,093 in membership fees.  We have 300 members listed from last year 
Election of Officers:  George handed over to Liz for the election of Vice Chair.   There was only one nomination for each officer position; all were proposed and seconded.  In line with Club Constitution, 9 members were elected and the remaining 5 were co-opted.  The Committee was unanimous in agreement
Please see the Secretary for a separate list of all elected officers and Committee members
There were no resolutions and the AGM was concluded with thanks.  This was followed by a brief ordinary Committee meeting
 Chairs Report: George outlined the events for the coming month.  Charles introduced Clarion Sunday.  This will be held on the 14th of June and if the Club would like to support the event, a coach could be subsidised to take members to and from Clarion House.
Membership Secretary’s update on new membership applications
John R        and Sue Johnson, proposed by Chris and seconded by Trudy.  The Committee agreed the memberships
Palestine: Neil announced Israeli apartheid week beginning 21st March.  It is an international event that will focus upon racism in Israel
Love Music Hate Racism:  Julia read out the list of musicians booked for LMHR
Any Other Business:  (Item 1) Eileen and Bernie have visited Mary in Laburnum Lodge.  She was very appreciative of the visit
(Item 2) Rosie spoke of LGBT history month and the film on Saturday the 21st February in Bolton library (Item 3)  Martin appealed for members to support the UNITE  project on oral history and the Ellen Strange memorial. (Item 4)  Trudy requested that following the break in members be particularly vigilant aboit security.