A Happy New Year to all members, and many thanks for your continued support. At the start of the new century the club is probably in a better state than at any time since its re-launch in 1984, and the future is looking extremely positive.

The club now has two resident tenants, both based on the top floor. NEARIS is an organisation putting on literacy and other courses for adults, and the NUT have an office on the same floor. We welcome them both and the support they bring is a major factor in the club’s current success.

The refurbishment programme is proceeding extremely well. The downstairs toilets are finished and the new kitchen is almost ready. The top floor has been redecorated, the stairs and landings repaired and newly carpetted, and we are about to have new carpets laid on both the top and middle floors.

Many members have contributed to the considerable work involved - too many to name - but on behalf of the committee, may I extend our warmest thanks to all.

Let us hope that at the start of this new century the club becomes as influential in reviving the ideas of socialism as it was in establishing them at the start of the last.

CLUB AGM Mon. 14 Feb. 8pm
No membership will be renewed once the meeting has started. Members standing for committee should be
prepared to attend meetings and share some of the day to day work of keeping the club open.

Friday 18th Feb15 ‘SOCIALIST HALL CENTENARY’ 8pm prompt
Peter Little shows his video of last October’s Socialist Hall Centenary celebration featuring ‘The Washing Line of Socialism’. Come along and see yourself on tele. Or if you weren’t there, come along and see what you missed!

Friday 17th March 7.30pm St Patrick’s Night Social
Don’t miss it!.

Friday 24 March. ‘BOLTON RISING’ 8pm prompt
Neil Duffield’s play ‘Bolton Rising’ will be performed at the Octagon in April. It is about the activities of Luddites and other revolutionaries in Bolton at the beginning of the 19th Century - culminating in the burning of Westhoughton Mill in 1812.
Neil will talk about the background to the play and the real characters involved, and draw links between those early struggles and direct action movements today.