Refurbishment of the Club is continuing well. Work has now started on the back downstairs room which we are planning to make into a second club space for members which will be non-smoking at all times.
Unfortunately we had another break-in recently, and damage was done to work only recently completed. But people are determined to press on and continue the process of regenerating the building as an invaluable resource for socialists throughout the whole of the region.
Help on the day-to-day running of the club is always needed. If any member feels he or she would like to contribute in whatever way - cleaning, cooking, bar work, whatever - please have a word with one of the committee members.

Friday 22nd Sept ‘TRANSPORT 2’ 8pm prompt
Stuart Murray leads a second discussion on public transport. The first one kicked off such a good discussion that everyone wanted a continuation. Don’t miss it!

Friday 20th Oct ‘THE REBEL COUNTESS’ 8pm prompt
Noel Spencer gives a talk on Countess Markovitch, who fought in the 1916 Rising in Dublin and was the first woman to be elected to the British Parliament (along with other Sinn Fein MP’s she refused to take her seat). Riveting stuff.

If you were there come along and have a laugh, if you weren’t, see what you missed!

Friday 15th Dec ‘SOAPBOX NIGHT’
Tell a story. Make a speech. Recite a poem. Sing a song. Whatever you like in 5 minutes!

ALL WELCOME Enquiries to Brian 3rd December

Don’t forget!
The club is open every Friday evening and every Saturday afternoon.

Our survival depends on your active involvement