To describe the club’s central heating as antiquated is something of an under-statement. Renewing it will cost around £14,000. We’re about half way there so still a lot of money to raise. Hence the fund-raiser.
Music ….. Food …...Entertainment…...Good company
And following their enormous success at the Christmas Party….
Please come along and show your support!
8pm Saturday 10 February
TICKETS: £6 WAGED, £3 UNWAGED—FROM BEHIND THE BAR (donations gratefully accepted!)

8pm Friday 19 Jan "CUBA,THE SOCIALIST PHOENIX" Speakers Mark Burton and Richard Aubery, from
the Greater Manchester group of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Fifty years ago Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries landed in Cuba. Within three years they had overthrown the Batista dictatorship and established a socialist state on the doorstep of the United States. Cuba was almost immediately subject to a campaign of destabilisation, aggression and economic strangulation which continues to this day. Tonight’s talk will focus on the revolution's investment in the people of Cuba, and examine the options for the development of the Cuban economy and social system in the context of continued US aggression and the current 'left turn' in Latin America.

8pm Friday 2 February - RIDERS ON THE STORM
A relatively new venture in the club—a night of poems and songs.Whether you write, perform, or just like to listen, this is high quality entertainment. Please give it your support.
Tonight's event features fantastic local singer/songwriter: NICK JACKSON

7.45pm Saturday 3 Feb Red Cinema: ANNIE HALL
Woody Allen's early romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton remains his only movie to win a Best Picture
Academy Award - beating Star Wars, no less. A bittersweet, autobiographical romantic comedy, Annie Hall is the quintessential Woody Allen movie, featuring all the themes - love, relationships, neuroses, fame, guilt, pessimism, his love of New York (and dislike of LA), death and life - that we have come to expect from the man whose writing and directing career has spanned more than three decades.

8pm Friday 16 Feb “ VICTOR SERGE 1890-1947” Speaker Les Smith. 2007 marks the 60th anniversary of the death of Victor Serge, revolutionary militant, Anarchist, Bolshevik, Left Oppositionist and, an essential witness to the triumphs and tragedies of the workers movement.
He was, above all, a writer, a pamphleteer, historian, novelist, poet, journalist, biographer and memoirist. Victor Serge devoted his life, and his brilliant pen, to the revolution which knew no frontiers. He served a total of seven years in prison in three different countries, fought in workers risings in Barcelona and Petrograd and died, in poverty, in exile in Mexico City. All his life he continued to fight for a vision of socialism which placed human liberty at its centre.
Bolton writer Les Smith was commissioned by Channel 4 in 1989 to write a documentary on the life of Victor
Serge. His researches took him to Moscow, Leningrad (as it was then), Mexico and North America. He spoke to
Serge’s family, and to old comrades, who had survived the Stalinist Gulag. What can socialists today learn fromVictor Serge, his life and ideas?

8pm Mon 19th February CLUB AGM - at the Club
Currently paid up members only will be admitted. The club is open for membership renewal on Friday nights and Saturday dinner times. Deadline for acceptance of resolutions and nominations for Officers and Committee is 2pm Saturday 17th Feb. Nominations open on Monday 5th Feb. There will be a nominations form posted in the club.

7.45pm Saturday 3 March Red Cinema: DISTANT LIVES STILL VOICES
Terence Davies' debut feature is a remarkable evocation of working-class family life in Liverpool in the 40s and 50s. No exercise in airbrushed nostalgia, but a visionary exploration of memory. In a succession of searing vignettes, Davies paints an autobiographical picture of a family dominated by an oppressive patriarch. The women in the family achieve partial escape from his dominance through the popularsongs of the period that punctuate the narrative. Imaginative, intelligent and profoundly moving. A restoration by the BFI National Archive.

Sunday 4 March at the club - INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY
Refreshments 1pm
Performances 2pm by The Play Group and Kadenza Women’s Singing Group

8pm Friday 9 March “EDWARD CARPENTER AND WOMEN” Speaker Sheila Rowbotham.
Edward Carpenter was a prominent figure in the late 19th century socialist revival. He was a poet and mystic, a penal reformer, and a homosexual who ardently supported feminist aspirations.
Sheila Rowbotham is a socialist historian, feminist and author of many books and pamphlets including ‘Hidden
from History’ and ‘A New World for Women’. She is Professor of Gender and Labour History Studies at the University of Manchester. She last spoke at the club during our centenary celebrations in 2005 and we are very happy to welcome her back.

Winner: Best Film at the Cannes Film Festival 2006. Ken Loach’s film about the brutality of the British military (many of them fresh from WWI) in Ireland at a time when the British government was faced with an violent republican movement operating in the wake of the Easter Rising of 1916.
Loach’s aim is to turn the political into the personal – to spin national pain into local tragedy. Unmissable.

We read plays out loud, discuss their content and generally enjoy ourselves.
Everyone welcome.
Following Fridays at 8pm: 12 Jan, 26 Jan, 9 Feb, 23 Feb, 2 Mar, 23 Mar

PEOPLE'S HISTORY GROUP Last Saturday each month 2pm - 4pm
A new venture - to share experience and interest in working people's history. Members will decide what form the meetings should take, but at the first meeting on 27th January there will be a chance to listen to the ALICE FOLEY TAPES.
Further meetings on 24th February and 31st

Singers of any age or ability.
Saturday 18 November 2.30—4.30pm.
Saturday 16 December 2.30—4.30pm