8pm Friday 21 September REPORT FROM RAMALLAH — club member Neil McAllister talks about his recent visit to the Palestinian West Bank town.

8pm Friday 19 October Not finalised at the time of printing but there will definitely be something on this date. See club notice board for details. Also an email will be circulated.

8pm Friday 16 November THE CRISIS IN HOUSING. For decades a Cinderella issue, housing
is now a major political talking point. Bernadette Gallagher has worked in the field for many years
and looks at the nature, causes and possible solutions to the current crisis.

Saturday 15 September CND FUNDRAISER
8pm At the Club

Extra rehearsals for ‘Raise Your Banners Festival ’ in Bradford: Saturday Sept 8, Sept 22, Sept 29. 2pm NB. No rehearsal 25th Sept For October/November dates see club notice board or phone Moira 699673

1st Sept SING FOR WATER Moira Hill is running a voice workshop for Water Aid on
Ring Moira 699673 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2pm—4pm on the following dates: Saturday 27 October, Saturday 24 November
No meeting in December
See club notice board for topics and speakers

Informal and enjoyable play reading 8pm on the following dates:
Friday 14 Sept (Les Smith talks about his work)
Friday 12 October
Friday 26 October
Friday 9 November
Friday 23 November

7.45pm Sat 6 October ‘Days of Glory’ (2006) directed by Rachid Bouchareb. The story of French Algerian soldiers and discrimination during the 2nd World War.

7.45pm Sat 3 November ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ In the week prior to Armistice Sunday, the classic 1930’s film of the first World War from the German soldiers’ perspective.

7.45pm Sat 1 December ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ Multi Oscar winning 1970’s film about attitudes towards the mentally ill within institutions.

Bring cuttings, splits and seeds from autumn gardening. Exchange plants and advice.
All donations to the club funds. Lunchtime Saturday 6 October